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TV3 is Viasats flagship channel in the Scandinavian and Baltic states. The first TV3 channel was launched in New Year´s Eve 1987.

TV3 broadcasts six seperate channels in the Scandinavian and Baltic states, each with a share of localized entertainment and documentaries in the respevtive domestic languages.All the channels are broadcasting from London in the United Kingdom, which means that Viasat is able to circumvent the more stringent criteria for commercial messages that apply in the Scandinavian countries, specifically in relation to advertisements aimed directly at children, and the stricter rules on interrupting programs with commercials.


At launch, all the Scandinavian channels shared the same TV3 channel. Separate channels for Denmark and Norway were soon launched so that there was a TV3 channel for each country. In the 1990s, TV3 expanded to cover the Baltic countries. Although Viasat's latest channels are not named TV3 they are all very much based on the TV3 model.

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