British Sky Broadcasting (BSkyB) is the company which operates Sky Digital, a subscription service in the UK and Ireland.

More than a third of the equity is owned by News Corporation.


The Astra Satellite network began in 1989. There were formed from Rupert Murdoch's (of News Corporation) Sky Television and British Satellite Broadcasting merging in December 1990 to form British Sky Broadcasting.


  • British Sky Broadcasting Ltd.
    Operating company for the Sky pay-TV service
  • Sky Television Ltd.
    A holding company
  • Sports Internet Group Ltd.
    Sports and Online betting services
  • British Interactive Broadcasting Holdings Ltd.
    Interactive TV services, formerly an alliance of BSkyB, BT, HSBC and Matsushita
  • Easynet Ltd.
    Network infrastructure.
    runs many successful sites
  • Aura Sports Ltd
    Media Sales agency, sells advertising on Premiership football club and other major sports websites.
  • Aura Play Ltd
    Media Sales agency on websites in the music and entertainment sector.

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40% of the following:

25% of:

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50% of:

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33.3% of:

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